Born in 1984, Negar Yaghmaian is an Iranian photographer living and working in Tehran. She graduated with a BA in photography from Tehran Art University and completed a course in Documentary and Photojournalism at IED Madrid. In 2019 and 2020, Negar was selected as a Parallel Photo Platform artist. Her works have been exhibited and published at home and internationally.


  • 2015, Photojournalism and Documentary Course, IED Madrid
  • 2007, Bachelor in Photography, Art University, Tehran


  • 2015, Photobook Making Workshop by Ricardo Cases, India
  • 2013/2014, "On the Road" Workshop by Nikos Economopoulos, Iran/India

Awards and Art Residencies

  • 2020/2021, Parallel European Photo Based Platform, 4th/ 3rd Cycle
  • 2018, CACP Villa Perochon Residency

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2021, "Extended Atlas" curated by Sandra Vieira Jurgens, Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2021, “Arbitrary Lines” Curated by Amirali Ghasemi, Aaran Projects, Tehran, Iran
  • 2021, “Broken Secrets” Curated by Javiera Cadiz Bedini, Fondazione Modena Artie Visive(FMAV), Modena, Italy
  • 2020, Parallel Review, Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2020, “Arbitrary Lines” Curated by Amirali Ghasemi, Hinterland Gallery, Vienna
  • 2020, Online Exhibition, “Broken Secrets” Curated by Javiera Cadiz Bedini (FMAV),(Link)
  • 2019, "Iran Photo, Inside and Outside", Curated by Zahra Jahanbakhsh-Badguir Association, Cite International des Arts, Paris
  • 2018, Artists in residence, Villa Perochon, Niort, France
  • 2018, "Iran Photo", Curated by Zahra Jahanbakhsh-Badguir Association, Iranian Cultural Center, Paris
  • 2015, "The Left Eye", Curated by Nadezhda Pavlova, Expo Bath Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 2009, Art Center, Tehran

Solo Exhibition

  • 2010, Siin Gallery, Tehran

Screenings and Festival Showcases

  • 2021, Renctontres d’Arles – Changing Times: Art facing a new world
  • 2021, Broken Secrets curated by Javiera Luisina Cádiz Bedini, European Month of Photography, Neimënster Luxembourg
  • 2021, Parallel Review, Fotofestiwal Łódź, Łódź, Poland
  • 2020, Landskrona Photo Festival, Sweden
  • 2019, Teer art Fair, Presented by Badguir, Tehran
  • 2018, Voies off, Residencies Screening, Arles
  • 2017, limited Access Festival, Aran Projects, Tehran
  • 2015, “Strangeness of Banality”, Stockholm Independent Art Fair


  • 2021, Changing Times: Art facing a new world, Publication by The Eyes,(Link)
  • 2020, Parallel Atlas
  • 2019, Bad to The Bone, “Persian”, issue 14
  • 2018, Emotion Magazine, 01 - 2018
  • 2017, Le Monde, “Iran, Un nouveau visage”

Online Program

  • 2017, "Iran #NoFilter" directed by Nathalie Masduraud and Valerie Urrea, Arte Creative,(Link)